Parenting Time Modifications

Parenting time modifications may be made for the following reasons:

        • A parenting time order entered some time ago when your child or children were younger may no longer meet their needs.
        • An equal parenting time schedule may be best for your kids at this time.
        • The equal parenting time schedule you hoped would work well for your children may now be problematic. 
        • Your child may be telling you that he or she doesn’t want to spend as much time with the other parent, or he or she may be telling you that she/he wants to spend more time with you. 
        • You may feel that the environment in the other parent’s home is unsafe, and an immediate change is necessary.
        • You may have to move away from your current home either further away in Colorado or out of state, or you child’s other parent may be planning to move. How will this affect your parenting time?  Can the other parent delay or stop you from moving?  Can you delay or stop the other parent from moving?  How will this move impact your child?
        • At the time that permanent orders were entered, joint decision-making was ordered. Now you feel that this is not working out.
        • Perhaps the judge ordered (or you agreed) that your child’s other parent would make the final decisions, and you feel that the decisions the other parent is making are not good for your child.

Colorado law has specific guidelines for modification of existing parenting time and parental decision-making orders. Discuss your situation with Uslan Law Firm to decide how best to proceed to reach your goals.

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