Custody and Visitation

When you decide to leave your relationship, your first consideration often turns to the impact this will have on your child or children. In these circumstances, you will need an expert in child custody and visitation services along with other legal help to successfully navigate the complexities of divorce law.

You may be asking these questions:

                  • Can our child’s other parent and I make decisions concerning our child together even though we are not communicating well at this time?
                  • Will an equal time division between us work best for our child?
                  • Our child’s other parent is threatening to move out of state with our child. What can I do to prevent this from occurring?
                  • I need or want to move out of state with our child.  What do I need to do to make this possible?
                  • Is our child safe with the other parent?
                  • What is the judge likely to order?
                  • How do I get the judge to understand what has gone on and what this means for our child?

You may have left your relationship a while ago and hoped that your informal parenting agreement would work, but currently find that the cooperation between you and the other parent has broken down. Or you may be a grandparent of a child who is in your care, but now the child’s parent is demanding that you return your grandchild even though you have concerns for the child’s safety.

We will discuss your concerns and questions and explore the best approach to meet your children’s needs and accomplish your goals.

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