Post Divorce Modifications

Life is an ever-changing combination of circumstances…

The fluctuating nature of our lives can quickly make post divorce arrangements and orders obsolete, whether they are related to the decision-making and parenting time concerning your children, child support or maintenance paid or received.

Your former spouse or the other parent may not be paying child support or maintenance as ordered, or may be violating the parenting time or parental decision-making orders. Or, perhaps, allegations have been made that you are in violation of existing orders.

The Denver Uslan Law firm has the experience and personalized approach needed to help you address modifications or enforcements of parental responsibility, parenting time, child support, and maintenance to clients in situations involving:

            • Modification of parenting time orders
            • Modification of parental decision-making responsibility orders
            • Changes in income or circumstances
            • Parent relocations (when you or the other parent moves away or wants to move away)
            • Enforcement of existing support obligations
            • Enforcement of parenting time and parental decision-making responsibility orders
            • Domestic abuse issues
            • Emotional abuse issues

Please contact us so that you can attain your goal of modifying or enforcing existing orders. You’ll receive legal help to guide you through the process of achieving a more equitable and effective custody, support, and maintenance order that better reflects your current circumstances, assist you to enforce existing orders, or help you to defend yourself from allegations that you have not adhered to existing orders.

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