LGBT Family Law

The legal landscape for LGBT families has been changing rapidly. Lesbian, gay and transgender people face many of the same family law problems that people in traditional families do. However, other family law issues they face may be quite different. They may also face legal and social challenges particular to them involving property, individual, relationship and parental rights — that those outside of the LGBT community may never even have to consider, let alone confront.

As Gay and Lesbian marriages are now recognized, they may also face divorce.

Along with the changes in the laws, non-traditional couples face many of the same challenges as traditional couples when it comes to divorce.

When a same-sex relationship or marriage does not work out, the stakes are typically high, both personally and financially. Many LGBT couples co-own significant assets, including houses, businesses and bank accounts that they built before they were legally married. Fairly dividing these assets when the relationship ends is a job for a skilled and sensitive lawyer.

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Treating you with dignity and respect, the Uslan Law Firm provides LGBT family law representation for non-traditional couples and families.

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